neighborhood-clipart-cute-house-clipartcute-house-clip-artquaint-colorful-neighborhood-free-clip-art-qwmptso-c3h0bzar - CopyWe have neighbors. Well, we’ve always had them and yet, they are even in super close proximity now. We have side neighbors, backdoor neighbors and even behind the side neighbors.  Lest I forget, there are those who live down the street and across the street. We are all neighbors in this community.

When we moved in, and still now, people came over to greet, meet and welcome us to the area, wanted us to join the Facebook group, and said how happy they were/are living in the area. They bespoke the friendliness of the town and folk on the street, and introduced us to their canines as well.  And then they sort of disappeared…it was the end of January and hibernation takes place to some degree.  It’s like the Arctic and seriously bundled creatures walked by with four-legged pals leading them down the shoveled streets and do their business.  Oh, they came in all sizes too…smallish going one way and biggers walking the other way.  (That’s how I knew approximate ages, one way was elementary school, the other was middle and high school).  No buses in this town, kids walk! Once I was out too as we have to shovel the sidewalks-keep them clear for said bundles trudging along.  The neighborhood is alive-just have to look for it in odd times.

So, last night as I was closing up the kitchen, pulling down shades etc., I spied Backdoor Neighbor Dave (BND) standing by his garden, looking over the fence and then checking out our garden.  Garden here meaning vegetables and flowers in happy harmony.  (small spaces require ingenuity).   It was so funny as if he was thinking: “why are their sunflowers taller than mine? We planted in the same area, same time..hmmm.”  I could see his head moving to check both places, until I couldn’t stand it..and opened the kitchen window and said “Hey Snoopy!”  Being always of good humor, he laughed.  Mind you, he knew where the voice was coming from, but not sure if he could see in..probably not-old wire screens make things harder and a sink provides distance.  We chatted amiably; he was looking at our volunteer squash? cucumber? melon? zucchini?  Laughingly, I said I was going to train it along our mutual barrier, and if it was zucchini, he’d be having a lot of loaves of zucchini bread at his door! He thought it sounded all good.001

The plant is stretching out-enjoying rain, humidity and heat, although no flowers.  Mr. Higgledy-P cut off one of it’s tuber-y arms as it “threatened too much shade” over a little eggplant, that he’d prefer survive over any squash-y thing.  So, bets are on that a) BND thinks it’s zucchini as he planted something like that last year and b) Mr. H-P thinks it too sprawly for zucchini so thinks it’s some other squash, but won’t commit to type yet.  c) I don’t care-it’s filling in blank spaces and I like volunteers of this kind, it’s a first and I’m taking it.

Oh! and check out the fence between yards…all really fun.  BND and ours is a very old, perhaps 80+ years, a chain link with finials!!! 002I mean, that’s just not boring and verrryyy cool!  BND has a Golden Doodle that can easily jump it but is so well trained, and won’t and it comes below her chest.  I can easily walk? climb over it-it’s pretty low, so it’s good neighbor chats we have.  Nice eh? Over the fence neighboring helps when huge arbor vitae and nine bark over grown bushes are removed! There’s sunlight for the gardens and smiles back and forth.  I quite like this.

Oh, and here’s another fence. Mr. Higgle-P put this in as a friendly separation, (there’s a gate-that’s the friendly part) with approval from one of our side neighbors.  FYI, that basket ball hoop? That’s the next folks over once more! Yeah, we are small, but mighty…friendly.

Phone photos 039
From our side to theirs…