Milwaukee-Good Stuff

Yeah, yeah this city has a mixed reputation, but I am really enjoying it. It even was pronounced a “Terrible City” by ESPN sports commentators, and quickly there were retorts to that comment, and then we take it in pride. It does have it’s problems and that is a big focus, the flipside is all the positives. I suppose I’ll just have to show you…

Lakeshore State Park was a recent field trip and it came after a mixed morning-an appointment that was a no show, a great visit to an Oriental rug store and yes an expired meter parking ticket. Hey! we were making new friends and enjoying the chatting.

We decided then to leave the old part of the city and head to the lake a 5 minute drive, to explore what I’d heard about from our daughter-in-law and seen from the high bridge highway. It’s an island crossed over an estuary via a bridge. No cars, but walkers, strollers, runners and bikers and dogs on leashes are welcome. (Lots of benches, dog poo bags and garbages too…very neat and tidy!)

It’s a flat area that is built around planned prairies that border the lake on one side, Summer Fest Music grounds on the other and the Discovery World Museum on another. Lots of people were there on Friday and while it was a warm day, it was also a breezy one and I was glad for my windbreaker. Summer Fest-an 11 day, 80+ bands celebration usually held in June/July but has been (hopefully) temporarily postponed to September. Another great happening in this city.

Here’s some more photos…sorry about the detail of flowers, but they were unusual to me so I thought I should record them for looking up another time.

Beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors right? Under the Horan bridge you can see the Allen-Bradley clock tower. That’s the Rockwell Automation building as well. Me? I use it as a landmark when I head to that area also known as Walker’s Point. It’s getting to be really popular for living, restaurants, pubs and shops. Some of the old factories have become apartment lofts and luxury condos on the river.

Discovery World is a non-profit museum based in science and technology and while it’s on my list to visit, it’s very much a hands-on center that children (of all ages) enjoy. While you park in the lots around the museum, there is a pedestrian only walkway to and over a bridge to get to the park. See? an island. This summer I received a brochure of the activities happening and below is one of them…sailing school. We watched and the kids had a pretty good handle on things.

See the tall masted ship tied to the dock? That is a boat build by Discovery World and offers trips out for different occasions and times. It’s the Denis Sullivan. We had booked a sunset, two hour cruise a couple of years ago, it goes rain or shine and only the Captain cancels a cruise. Unfortunately there was a storm coming in and our tour was cancelled but I would still like to try another time. For more information, check it out and explore Discovery World’s website.

There is right now a huge art exhibit of recycled plastic birds-sparrows- on one of the green spaces at the park. I can’t post the picture as they birds were littered with people and they needed their selfie taken, or kids needed to climb. All good fun. I did see a few in the city and wondered about them. Mr HP had seen the exhibit on the news one night was an ah ha moment for him. I just had seen them that morning-he was concentrating on driving. Here’s a link to the exhibit, what it’s about and just one more fun thing here in Milwaukee…the city.

Here’s some signs/facts that were on the path by the exhibit:

Mind you our whole morning explorations were only about 2 hours in total, but we felt good that we saw a new place we can take our granddoggie and maybe her parents, met new people and we walked.

This snack shop is on the way home, lakeside and sits in one of the Milwaukee parks-another reason to live here-great parks. It’s next to Bradford Beach, which often comes up in the news. Just sayin’ good food and custard!

One thought on “Milwaukee-Good Stuff

  1. Looks like an excellent place, though I admit to knowing very little about the USA. I do, however, know a good beard when I see one, and that is an excellent example in your picture.


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