Winter blooms

It’s been nearly a year and what a year. That’s been said over and over and never more been true. Winter has come and is hopefully on the edge of ending, but here in the upper midwest, you are certain by late May, possibly June. We have very sunny-snow melting-weather today and wee trees and our garden statues are revealing themselves. There’s still a good few feet out there, but it will evaporate.

There’s been plenty of gloomy weather with no reason (aka precipitation) but just bah-humbug, grumpy, depressing types of days. As we got into the winter, it’s really cold-and I am now of the stiff joints and I thoroughly understand seasonal disorder this year. And yet, what cheers me are indoor blooming plants. I don’t do a lot of forcing, as yes, there are allergies (constantly) but a little bit and an experiment really was/is rewarding.

The hibiscus was brought inside for the winter and YAY, although drafty, our front entry was sunny and bright enough to set a few flowers. Ok! one at a time.

Being a Pinterest fan, I noticed a lot of Paperwhite Narcissus being shown to force indoors mostly to brighten up the gloom and add something to the indoors. I was making a quick errand (aren’t they all these days) into a garden shop and lo and behold there were ON SALE some of the bulbs. I, being me, really looked them over, picking up large and promising ones and four went home with me. I did notice about growing them just in vases, but having none of those, chose my grandmother’s heavy cut whaddyacallit? fruit bowl? vase-thing? Anyway, I added colored stones, carefully placed the bulbs in, watered carefully (only the bottom of the bulb) and put them in our sunny south facing kitchen window and waited. I didn’t have to wait long when the first bulb burst, then second and third. Straggler #4 was slow UNTIL I saw it popping out a side shoot and then it caught up. They now are in the dining room window catching rays there.

The paperwhites were replaced by some Amaryllis-pinkie and very slow to grow, but they’re in the sunny window of the kitchen and well, that’s a good nursery for them.

I have no idea and can’t explain but our Thanksgiving cactus bloomed in October/November and then again in December and now again here in February. I think it’s pure luck, right place, enough non-direct sun and that’s all I can explain. The plant doesn’t bloom full, just a bloom here and there. Maybe it’s a cactus of all holidays-an independent sort!

And then there’s the one that blooms ’cause you’ve neglected to use it and while you’d probably like to plant it, there’s that foot of snow outside.

I’m considering just planting it in a pot…see what happens, or using it as is. I have to admit to it making me smile. Yes, I’ve gone through those days of depression, lack of motivation (can you tell by my emptiness of blog ideas?) and downright blues. Weather is icy or bitter, life is weird and you have to protect yourself, it’s awful! BUT…I am glad to have these and other plants that bloom to make me happy. And again, it’s luck, right place, right time and it makes them happy as well.

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