The Blame Game

Let’s blame this really crummy (using my polite words here) year on the pandemic. Yes, in some cases we can but in many cases we can’t. We can blame our leaders for not leading or being the person we turn to in crisis, but for many situations it’s us. We the people are the cause of unfortunate things to happen, and it’s not right or our moral compass is seriously failing.

It’s us.

or the lack of snow when in many places it’s a brown Christmas….like here. I admit to feeling a lot depressed when we have continuous days of gray and dark and depend on the snow blanket to protect plants and make our garden to look not so bleak and yuck. It’s warmer than usual and granted, living next to a huge body of water there’s that thermal protection which gives us no precipitation or too much of a dump which is called ‘lake effect snow.’ Yes I like the snow-not the ice, the snow. Okay, it’s us again and global warming and blame it on us. AGAIN.

I’ll take my daughter’s version of why her cookies flattened and weren’t poofy to stick the candy kiss in. She was making peanut butter blossoms. She blamed the lack of snow, and the moon and the pandemic. Right. She lives in a high elevation state and baking + chemistry are a big deal and need to be dealt with. She used the same recipe, so what gives? Let’s blame it all.

Being a Granny and having packages take an inordinate amount of time, because one is seeing the sights of Heathrow for 2 weeks and another mailed five days later taking two weeks to travel 70 miles and still no word of it, shipping out is seriously turning hairs white. We, of the Granny world, panic, freak out and wallow in “what a crap Granny if Grandchild doesn’t get his holiday gifts.” Yes, it’s true, but fortunately as of this morning, the one package was released from the Heathrow mail prison and delivered. Just an FYI, that was the present filled box that HAD to arrive by Christmas. Mail early? Yeah, did that but here in our area, it took a week to get 20 miles to a distribution center and then another 10 days to an international airport mail-thingy. I think I may drive it down there next year. It’s in the international distribution area but maybe flying to the country of destination, only to arrive at our son’s home hopefully in time for well, who knows what. Yes, it’s because we have no snow, the moon phases, the planets overlapping each other and dare I say…the pandemic?. Nah! It’s the people that are in charge, and if I sound rebellious, yep! that’s me. (Don’t piss off Granny!)

One more people story…a package coming from overseas to one of my kids was delivered by FedEx. They have planes, like UPS and Amazon and things seem to move faster then. BUT was it delivered? Was it delivered to the wrong address and that person kept it? or was it just kept by the FedEx person, no porches. In any event two people lost. One lost money on the deal and one lost a lovely gift. As a daughter said….”people suck.” Yeah they do.

We can’t blame the pandemic for everything except perhaps showing that our elected officials’ lack the willingness to care about the people they’re supposed to care for and promised to do just that job. It’s not the snow, moon or planets, it’s us and it’s sad. Me? I’m going to watch more sappy Holiday movies, listen to really good music, holiday and otherwise and I’m going to be glad when January comes as then we can try for a better year. Hope is key!

Today being Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year, here in the northern hemisphere we can look forward to more light and less dark. You all in the southern hemisphere, enjoy your summer!

3 thoughts on “The Blame Game

  1. Even at the best of times the mail is unpredictable. Before the pandemic we once sent two letters to the same address (there was logic to it, I promise). They were posted at the same time, went into the collection bag together, then arrived five days apart. During the pandemic we have had alll sorts of problems with international post.


    1. The second package mailed on the 8th (of DECEMBER!!!) was just received after having to go to the distribution area 2 weeks ago. Think I will just not be sending overseas for a while, and using more expensive means here. There’s my update 😉

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      1. There is an extra problem now that we are out of the European Union as there is more bureaucracy if things go via Europe, which they sometimes do. We recently had a parcel to Australia that went via Los Angeles – took about six weeks, but still not as bad as yours.


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