It’s December…already!

Yeah, yeah, we’re all ready to finish this year and I have noticed that the holiday season started before Halloween-just a bit…but definitely in earnest before American Thanksgiving. I admit to being the first house on the block with colorful lights lit on the house edge, but I will now quote the man: “It’s better to get them up on nice days and test them in warmer climes than during snow, sleet and awful wind.” Okay that was a really close quote, but you get the idea. Now, remember about “testing them?” Well, they’ve been testing from just after Halloween. Ah well, we’ve inspired more folk on the block since then and I must say, the block is looking rather festive. I think we’ll go with the Diwali reasoning of lighting up in dark times. Our wee neighbor across the street, I was told, was fascinated by them. Note-his family has a lovely display on their house front. The man was pleased.

So, Thanksgiving American style aka: much smaller crowd-2 of us- but just as much food..gotta love leftovers. The man smoked the turkey, always a family favorite.

I made only one pie that is a demand performance…pumpkin.

Yep, pumpkin from pumpkin, my old book that I bought used with treasures of someone’s recipes written in or on slips of paper. It’s a full custard going in and it’s a “mousse-y” texture. Hint: Use only cream and a bit of brandy. It is part of the Pumpkin Pie II recipe. It’s pretty much the only time I will eat pumpkin pie..tested, tasted and reliable!

We had the cranberry relish times two. I made a cooked one that made the house smell like the holidays and also the “raw” version my mother-in-law taught me. Growing up, we never had homemade…it was the canned versions. Yes, good and my childhood Thanksgiving memories are enough for a whole ‘nuther blog story.

And yes there are always shortcuts…

and dishes…

But it was delicious…one of those meals where it ALWAYS takes longer to make than it does to eat.

We loved the cucumber salad as a foil to the richness of the meal, veering away from the norm but making it ours anyway. We were in full enjoyment mode. The Saturday after we had a Thanksgiving-pandemic picnic in the back yard with our daughter and her boyfriend.

We are getting through the leftovers, cranberry relish makes bread easy, there’s a lot of pumpkin in the freezer and have you noticed? Fresh of these two products only seems to be found in the fall of the year. I know, I know…squash of many kinds can be substituted as can the canned version. Sorry, but I prefer the fresh to deal with as I want, but it does make this time of year special for the produce offered.

PS: The man wanted a small turkey, so that’s a 14# bird above. There were really huge ones and from somewhere in the news, I heard that people were more interested in going after the smaller ones. Hmm…guess we’re running with the popular crowd.

If I am behind as is becoming usual, I’d like to wish all and yours a very safe, healthy, mask wearing, holiday season. I for one am looking for a much better new year!

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