Times they are a changin’

So, I look out our kitchen window and I gasp…there’s a maple on the next street over and I can see it’s starting to color. Already? Well, then again it is mid September, where did the time go? I suppose it’s because this year we, the collective and singular, have been focused on WE or US or Ourselves. Didn’t we just finish winter? The outdoor dining hasn’t been going on for all that long, what happened? It’s been a different “normal” and one to get used to and one that we collectively accepted for now, but the seasons continue, the sun still comes up and sets as it has as we’ve known it and while somethings do not change radically, our lives as we’ve known them this year have.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year, but as each year passes, I feel it goes faster and twenty years from now is so short a time compared to when twenty years seemed so long a span. I guess that’s the winter of our lives now, or mine and his. I love the colors, the smells and the changes. I love that I live in an area where winter means rest for a while and enjoyment at the sight of it all starting anew. We have 5 new babies on our block in the last 8 months, and some of those have older siblings we watched take their first steps. We are positioned to watch all the newness, and while this is a time of excitement, it’s a time of reflection of what is to come and has been.

This is my birthday season and while I have my own “traditions” of what must happen (ha ha) around the time-because I enjoy it, we have done a few of them. We did go to an apple orchard, and while I was disappointed because there was not the ‘apple barn smell’ I could create it by having the apples we bought in an open box in the den. I miss the apple trees we had on our land that we’ve now sold and I admit to being tempted to go back and pick bushels full. I love the smell the doing and tonight we will enjoy the feast for Rosh Hashanah and dip our challah and apples into honey for a sweet new year.

Enjoy the blessings and tides of this season and make resolutions for yourself for the future.

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