photos…as promised..

Alrighty, now that I am slowly starting to learn how the new editor works, I’m going to make an attempt at uploading photos…

It was a great birthday…a personalised book and a video of our grandson singing..tears of happy. The coffee-walnut cake, and him putting together a photo of the earth from space-1,000 pieces. Took about a week of serious focus. We have different ideas of fun! There was a moon puzzle as well, and that’s on the table now. A lot harder. YAY!!

Some of the canning. 15 quarts of peaches, a whole bunch frozen, plum jam or is that Elderberry? Well, I did both, and our tomatoes, this was the first jar but we now have 1 1/2 more. There are still greenies out there, but with the weather today (cold and rainy), we’ll see. And the apricot jam.

Below are from the Farmer’s Market in Thiensville a week or so ago; we went today and as the season goes on, less people but it was a rainy cold day. In height of summer, tons of kids on the playground.

When you let things run amok, they sometimes bring a smile to your face as they climb up and over the herbs but bloom outside the kitchen window.

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