A fun Sunday

Sometimes it just works out that way, and sometimes it’s even better when YOU have worked it that way but had more enjoyment than you had originally planned.

The last of our tickets to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra choices was last Sunday, a family concert featuring the music of John Williams.  They were prepared for families with kids of all ages!  Milling around the lobby, you could get a photo with Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper, or just with a Storm Trooper.  There were tables set up so that you could score your own music and have a member of the orchestra play it for you.  The youngest ones were enthralled by it all.  It was very well done.  I stayed up a level and watched from below, I held a photo of our grandson in the crowd so that we could imagine him with us at an event and participating like other grandparents.

Finally, we went in and took our seats. Phone Photos 301302018 067 - CopyIPhone Photos 301302018 070The music was fantastic, it was so wonderful to see the music come to life, in that one could see which instrument made which part of the score.  While usually there are so many violins, this time there were at least 6 in the drum/percussion group.  All the brass was there to make the other loud meaningful cacophony of a symphony. I was grinning the whole time.  And yes, there was an encore from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”   Oh, OH…while the “Superman March” was playing, Conductor Yaniv Dinur slowly unbuttoned his coat….to reveal a Superman T-shirt! Casting aside his coat, he further donned a red cape!  It was terrific for all of us kids and grown ups alike.  It was a wonderful 55 minutes.  That’s all, but boy o boy was it a great time.  I am still having the music going through my head.

We thought to have dinner early and while checking out a few places, which were closed, it being Sunday, we ended up on the river at a great Sushi and Asian Bistro.phone-photos-301302018-075.jpgHere’s some of our views from the restaurant..Phone Photos 301302018 074Phone Photos 301302018 073Phone Photos 301302018 072Phone Photos 301302018 071During the summer the windows open for terrace seating. The Milwaukee River walk is really lovely and this summer we will try out the boat cruises as well.

All in all a great Sunday.


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