Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

A long but really fun day. Gotta admit to fuzzy hearing-worse than usual, but the music was terrific and we were enjoying it!!

The cream puffs are widely known and if you skip out on at least going to see this huge place where heaven on earth lives, what’s the point of coming to this fair?

Even the doors into the building read: Cream Puffs love the cold, please keep the doors closed!

Need I go on with our adventures? Okay, while I took a lot of photos, not all are worthwhile, so here’s a taste of the good life….

Starting out at 9am, on a weekday, we got through city traffic and found things easy to navigate (parking while it does cost, so just hand it over, it’s one of those days) we had a great spot, and I hit the T-shirt shop  for fairwear and then the information booth. Equipped with maps, highlights for today. Today was “Grazing day,” which simply means some places (and there are lots) were offering a lowered price for a smaller amount. Today’s “deal.”  Cream Puffs are huge, light airy and $4 apiece. Lotta puff and cream and with beer at the early morning…well, Welcome to Wisconsin! Rumor has it that sometimes a Green Bay Packer comes to help.  Lots of fun!

We did ride the sky lift-it goes from one end to the other and it’s a great way for us to see things from above.  Yes, there are all kinds of food.  I had to get a photo of this “Quebecois style” Poutine stand and no, didn’t have any this go ’round. I’ll save that experience for next time. Phone photos August 8, 2017 099

We walked and walked, saw, ate, watched, ate some more, listened to music, walked through a lot of exhibits.  The Grand Champion Hall was full-comfortably and easy to see everything up, down, around, in freezers, exhibits was beautifully organised and..well, here’s a bare minimum:


The Fair grounds were clean, there were lots of trees, shady areas, plenty for kids of all ages, lovely plantings of garden-flower areas,  clean restrooms, friendly folk-all willing to have their photos taken-kids mostly-teens etc. working the stands. All in all just a really pleasant experience. We did wear sunscreen and hats. There were sun lotion stations all over to help combat. I’ll probably have a few “red” parts about, and being of the “fair-folk-always-burn-rarely-tan clan” I won’t be too surprised.

Here’s some more photos…I just can’t photograph everything-just know it was really worthwhile-but one day per season is good for me and mine.

I am recharging with lots of water…



2 thoughts on “Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

  1. Our younger son went to college in the Twin Cities and during freshman orientation he visited the Minnesota State Fair. Ever since then he has been obsessed with deep fried cheese curds.


    1. Laughing. We went one year (it was closer than WI’s) to see what all the “on a stick” stuff was all about. After this year at the WI one, I like the exhibits and space a lot more. Fresh hot battered cheese curds are the best-usually at a fair! But good anywhere or time!

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