Garden Party…

Phone photos 7-23-2017 114Today we took a tour around gardens at private homes and there were quilts hanging in them as well. Two of my favorite things.  It was hot, overcast and humid, but a good way to spend the afternoon.  There were 14 places to stop and look, we made it to eight, and then we were pooped and had seen enough. It was a great way to get to see more than the front offerings.It was nice to be able to ask owners about their plants, and thus got a few of mine “labeled.” Several gardens were public and we can go back to them another day.  I must give credit to the Whitefish Bay Garden Club.

I’d like to show you all the photos I took-again as always, too many, but here’s a good selection:


If it were up to me to blue ribbon one, I couldn’t.  There were some much more interesting than others, but press me on it, and I would say, the backyard with the running stream and trains.  It was fun, whimsical and I wanted to stay longer.  I think everyone who has the gardens enjoys things tremendously and the “train/water” folk have a great fun time of it all.  Here’s reruns and bigger photos:



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