Meeting Eye to Eye


clipart-for-teachers-minds_under_constructionIs it just me or have people stopped meeting eye to eye and saying a Good Morning (or whatever time of day) or even a hello?5c22bd53f691cd0e229d1d25b8165abc

I’m thinking it’s me. I was brought up to look people in the eye when speaking to them, and I just feel natural saying hello to people I pass on the street. Okay, to clarify, not everyone. In the big cities there’s just too many folk and they’re on their phones, slugging coffee, carrying packages one of which may have a 4-legged accessory (aka: dog), but walking down our street which is friendly, neighborhood-y and not crowded at all?

Here’s the scenario from last night…I had gone out on the front porch to catch a breeze, see some of the night faeries and heard music, like a concert, coming from somewhere and I called Mr. H-P to come out and have a listen.  A young couple walked by, we were literally in quiet hello distance, and they totally ignored us. They kept looking straight ahead.  Did they not see us, should we have talked even louder?  Me? I would have at least given them a passing nod and a smile. You can’t be totally in your own head not to feel stares, hear voices or notice things even in your periferal vision..can you? Mainly I just stare after folk, purposefully willing them to notice and say something or smile? Frown? Gesture? Turn cartwheels?

It’s a small ‘burb and the streets are gentle, and I puzzle over the strangeness of it.  DH says not to fret about it, but in some ways I think it’s rude and weird. I love walking around our area, looking at the houses, gardens, smiling at this or that whimsy going on, and sorry, but if the curtains are open, I will look over…not in a peeper sort of way, but it looks inviting and so I smile.  Passing face to face on a sidewalk this happens as well. Too busy walking the dog, in their own thoughts, on the phone or pretending to be or just staring straight ahead like you’re a pole to be avoided and in the way.  I understand watching for their kids, but just walking by, seems kinda unfriendly, and yes, it bugs me.

I suppose I will have to practise more ignorance myself!

Post Script: Explosion-free-to-use-clip-art And then, while photographing our tree-lined street and flowers in the garden, my theory about people walking their dog is blown, when a lady walking by with a dog in training and a young man said “Good Morning” to me.


One thought on “Meeting Eye to Eye

  1. I think people are more self- and electronically absorbed these days. Though one of the things I enjoy about gardening is getting to chat with dog walkers and people with kids who are passing by while I am in the front garden.

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