Too much

Well in a nutshell, last week was a busy one and thank heavens this one is much slower,  albeit hotter, more humid and wetter.

The week of the 4th of July there was all that 4th of July stuff.

Free-clip-art-garage-sale (1)Then we had a thrift sale, garage sale, tag sale- all depends upon which part of the country you’re from. It’s a get rid of it (hopefully) sale.  It went pretty well, no furniture left, but we got rid of boxes of books, nearly all of the DVD’s and a few other things.  Traffic was good, always one person stands out in my mind..the one who wants to pay less for something but doesn’t realize that the frame of a poster is worth more and still a bargain. I did ask her point blank if she thought she was thinking she’d find the next “Antiques Roadshow” bargain. The woman balked….but when she came back later I did tell her that she did miss the “bargain.”  An elderly couple came through and looked at some prints we had out. (Kinda surprised as they’d been in the family since the 1920’s, but proud of DH giving up something-ie: no more walls to hang things.)  She was more interested in the frames-super crummy cheapo’s, but whatever.  DH then told her about the prints and I said-“those may get you something at an Antiques Roadshow. ” I don’t want to know what she did with the prints, and I’d never heard how old they were before.  Not to worry, there’s more stuff around if we raise enough dust here. Smaller house, less space equals a parting of the ways, tearful or not.

One man came by and we loaded him up with 2 boxes of books, mostly from my collection of children’s books. It didn’t matter age, condition or story.  When questioning him about it all-was he going to resell them somewhere, he assured me no, that he has one of those “Little Libraries” in front of his house-the free to take and add type. Perfect!images

I do get emotional when I think where and how I’ve used these now excessive pieces that had a place in my house, now stored in my heart and with some tears and I go through things to get ready to release them into a bigger world.  Not quite my “babies” but a piece of my life.  Oh, like the art, we have plenty of books-come look at the basement for which DH wants to build even more bookshelves for those books he couldn’t bear to part with.  Guess there won’t be a ping-pong table.

It was a long day, only a couple of small pieces and a few books came back inside, but we’ve lightened the load, and now to the charity shop and another one to pick up the furniture for donation.

We hit a local restaurant..our reward for a good day!Phone Photos 011

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