4th of July, 2017

We did celebrate, but in typical US (read us, not USA us) fashion.  When first moving to a small town I was hoping for parades and fireworks and big celebratory events for the 4th of July, we had little kids but…alas, no.  Pretty disappointing.  Oh, a neighbor had those big show off pyrotechnics, and we watched from our deck. (They’d have big parties, we were not invited, so we inserted ourselves as the firework display started.)  We could also see displays in about a 360 degree show from various window views,  that was how we saw things then.    Moving to a suburb of a large city, albeit still sorta small town (13,000 pop. in a 1 mile by 1 1/2 mile) there was all sorts of things going on.

We parked our car near Atwater Park on Lake Michigan where fireworks and fun were going to be starting early evening, then the after dark show (9:30pm). It was late morning and already there was a patchwork of blankets reserving spots for the festivities later or folks making a day of it. There’s a lovely beach below the cliffs (yes, handicapped accessible or stairs for the Machu Pichu set)

Phone Photos 006
Atwater Park, Shorewood, WI 7-4-2017

Then we walked back home almost 2.5 miles but stopped for lunch about half way, to rest the legs…we had done yard work earlier in the morning, and to revive our energy.  Glad for hats.  Then…the snooze fest.  About 30 minutes before the parade was to start, I tried to wake the man, but grumble-grumble-gobbledegook and rollover. We didn’t go to the parade.  I could have gone by myself, it being all of 3 or so blocks away, but the cool of the house kept me, and I could hear the drum beats pretty clearly through open windows.

The man has gone and joined the Men’s Club (I affectionately call it the Boys’ Club thinking it apt), and was signed on to work the ice cream stand from 6-8pm at the park (above photo) overlooking the lake;  we parked the other car by the first one and I looked around a while before returning home. Putting it nicely, they were an organised chaos and from what I heard later

they lost some directions on something and while the ice cream, hot dogs and brats were ready to go, the “bar” wasn’t. (Really? this is Wisconsin after all!!) Mr. Higgledy-P said the music was pretty good, and would have liked to stay longer, but he was tired. Scooping ice cream, adding toppings is definitely not for slouches I guess.  We watched the fireworks from home windows, and were quite glad not to be by the beach, it was quite loud from the distance, water does carry sound.   By the way, Mr. Higgledy-P was given a red apron, so he blended in better.  Those men were focused, not one could say hello.  Boys!

Here’s the wee Mannie, who stole my heart a couple of years ago, at art class…they were doing a 4th of July theme on the 4th. Weird? Maybe, ’cause he’s in London! No big deal unless you’re an Expat.IMG_1264 (1)As we were walking back home from parking the car, everyone was so friendly. Lots of “hello’s” and “Happy 4th of July.”  Oh, and even though the area we parked was not so full even late afternoon, by the time the Mister left for home and before the fireworks, he said the street was full on both sides; we were on a side street that wasn’t all that big. Good for the smart wife who thinks ahead and uses hers!

Atwater Park and Beach FYI: There’s a shipwreck about 150 yards out from the beach and is marked in seasonal weather with a buoy.  Because it is so close to the shore and in fairly shallow water, it sometimes can be seen and is a popular visit for divers.

There’s a teeny white dot if you follow straight out from the old pier pilings, that’s the buoy.


4 thoughts on “4th of July, 2017

  1. That does sound like a fun day. We went to a potluck party thrown by a friend at my office. It was kind of fun because most of the people there were a full generation or more younger – mostly young couples with small children. We may have been the oldest people there. There was lots of food but almost no meat – the hosts don’t even own a grill. Almost un-American! We spent most of the time watching the kids play with squirt guns and the inflatable pool.

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