Garden Ventures, Part 2: Update!


This will be more photos to show how the plants are growing inside and out…I’m not patient, it’s only been a month-ish. In this small city garden, we are definitely learning to appreciate the upward mobility and not the urban sprawl

The clematis is growing heartily and strong on the opposite side of the wisteria.

These puppies are getting quite pretty…my type of kitchen garden/science.  While it is a bit late for planting and growing in the garden this year, I’m enjoying the greenery and will seriously contemplate for next summer’s garden. Sweet potatoes I can start in the winter glooms of February and wet soggy of March and April! Yippee, and super easy!  The avocado seed has emitted a long tap root, nothing up above, so it is a bit of a racey character now, hoping to show more maturity in the future.

Phone photos 040

Yes, we need to trim up the apple tree, but heck, we pruned a lot when it first was planted, just a couple of months ago, just want it to grow a bit more.  The top reacher has to branch out before we add the last layer to this structure.  Blooming things beyond are filling in around, and must be thinned-aka: weeded, maybe…

Phone photos 043This is a pretty pink geranium thing that I’m keeping, not weeding, ’cause it looks happy, mind you, if it populates too much…well, we’ll see about that then.  Feel free to identify whatever the name is!

We’ve put in our low maintenance fence and are now starting to get climbers going-that’s a honeysuckle.  Also thought small rose bushes below would look kind of nice.  Near by is still a mystery plant.  I have a thought of what it is and yet every time in this garden when I’m sure I know..ha! proven totally wrong by something I’ve not seen “live” but kinda wished for.  I’d better be careful, as a large one of these is getting removed! Not to worry, we’ve got two here staying on.  As I was watering this morning, which brings on a good rainshower afterwards, I noticed even more…a teeny bit of scarlet!! YES! The scarlet runner beans:pHONE PHOTOS 028

The two above have now been identified, one by a blogger whose blog showed the Culver’s Root (I don’t do the Latin), and is a wild prairie plant-oh boy!, but attracts bees. It has a kind of spoon bill tip.  This was a new one and I had thought while it was just starting its growing, it was a Phlox…nope! Figured that out when flower pods just looked wrong!  The other is a fuschia bee balm, identified by my green thumb pal Terri.  Thanks for the help!! It’s right next to the blue cornflower that looks like a blue brother of this purple-y one.




5 thoughts on “Garden Ventures, Part 2: Update!

    1. Laughing. It’s one corner, but a healthy corner. We inherited it with the house. We’re learning how to prune, what to prune, and tie up, back and up. Thank goodness for lots of extra fabric strips-makes it look kinda flashy.


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