Sunday Mornings

pHONE PHOTOS 034pHONE PHOTOS 035Here in the very nice place we live in and maybe because we moved here to Shorewood, the Farmer’s Market is on Sunday mornings from 10am-1pm,  and it’s walking distance. Yep! We walked all 3, maybe 4 blocks (around the corner) to the elementary school on whose grounds said market is held.  We attended this year’s opener a couple of weeks ago, missed last Sunday’s, but hit this morning’s adventure with bags, cash and card in hand. It had grown.  There were more food trucks/stands, as well as the lovely peach/blueberry/pecan folk, more veggies and some weird things I bought to “test.”  The only folks we “knew” were our Monday night trivia competitors, so we chatted with them a bit.

Shorewood is a very family/pet friendly place.  The playground as well as the market was crowded with small fry.  Actually it’s a place we weren’t sure we could move to, because ours are grown and there’s no dogs, only fish.  It was great fun for a something to do morning. Arriving home Mr. Higgledy-P sat right down in the easy chair and took a nap.  All that food tasting his lovely wife did and shared must have gotten to him, or maybe it was the sun? Having denied needing neither hat nor sunglasses, the warmth of the sun must have pulled him into the drowsy-possibility-of-showers day.  Ah well, we had the exercise and could examine gardens on the way, both ways…here’s some of what I found.

These lilies are 5 houses down from us, so I can see them all the time.  The neighbor who lives in the house said that she couldn’t take credit for them, they were there when she arrived.  In this neighborhood, there are lots of very old timers planted here.

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