Kitchen Activities: Botany

I am cheap, cheap, cheap.  And yet I will buy, buy, buy.  Why the heck should I buy Sweet Potato vines when I could easily make them myself?  Okay, they’re really pretty and done and while I’m not in grade school anymore, it is kinda fun to see what grows and where it comes from.  I mean, how do I really know Sweet Potato vines say they come from said tuber, but do they really? DH assured me that when he was a boy, there was a summer of success with sweet potato vines.  It’s supposed to be that Grandma’s grow them in their kitchen windows during the summer. So welcome to my kitchen window-I’m a Granny… …and so I am trying some out:

Phone photos 010Oh, that’s an avocado seed too, and the vine? Well, that’s just a wisteria vine coming down to say hello.  It’s outside.

And now look, something is getting along just fine.  Mind you they both have lots of roots, but one is getting “hair!”  BTW, the avocado has split its bottom, and will probably pour out a root, unfortunately, that’s kind of my luck…lotsa roots, not a lot of avocado plant. But, I’ll keep posting our progress.   Still, it’s fun.  Science can be fun, in the kitchen.

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