Kitchen Activities: It’s Hot!

No, really, it’s hot…today it’s 83 or 4 or 5, but it doesn’t matter, I drip and I need my big straw hat…but what I often use to cool off is the old fashioned kids summer treat…a popsicle, or an ice lolly depending on where you call home.  They have gotten quite “fashionable” what with beyond the old plastic molds but lots and lots of recipes.  I’ve seen them on Smitten Kitchen blogs and Pinterest .  Too much fun and I was missing out.  WELL, not anymore!  I purchased a mold set-count 10! from that infamous online company that sells everything except, well, now I see they’ve even bought Whole Foods, so okay, they sell everything!  I had choices, but decided on the one I saw on the Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen blog, plastic and metal. She knows what she’s doing so I, sheep that I am followed along.

Below are my ingredients. Yes, I went with the cheap lemonade for the first time…I will build up my acumen. Left is the mold, cheap lemonade and I was soaking the sticks because I read in some Pinterest article that it made them stand straighter in the mold.  Hmm. Ah well, all in the name of science.  Yes, this is an experiment and my hypothesis is: “this product while frozen will cool me off after being in the hot sun working.Phone photos 003

Step 2: pour concoction into no not through those tiny, slits, the metal top comes off, then add the metal top, add sticks through slits (hope they stand straight), pop into freezer and voila! Okay, voila comes hours or days, because I forgot I had done this experiment, later.  Now the hard part:  getting those suckers out!! Phone photos 012

It is a bit like a jello mold-use of warm water soak is a good thing  —->

Soak and a bit of a tug on the frozen in stick and success!!Phone photos 013Pretty and pretty embryonic-I can see that whole “straight stick” discussion was not quite up to snuff, but the experiment was a success.  I bagged them separately in Ziplock-okay, 2 to a bag, just roll them so plastic is in between and refreeze.Phone photos 016 While these were attempt number one in popsicle adventures, DH pronounced them while mostly slightly sweet frozen water, a success nontheless.  We will be trying more…like root beer float ones-2 ingredients! Yeah, root beer and ice cream…gotta like simple.  There’s whole books out there devoted to this treat…Imagine!

Here’s to cooling off in the summer!!!



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