I just wanna be wowed

DSCN0294I realize as I get older that I am pickier and mostly it becomes obvious at the beginning of spring when I have to pay more money for plants to put in my garden for a short season.  For Pete’s sake, why aren’t bedding plants cheaper?  Yeah, yeah, I could start earlier and from seed.  What? and ruin the thrill of going to the garden stores to see all things colorful and new and grabbing a shopping cart full, only to return numerous times because I have more pots than plants? Uh, yeah!  And then there’s going out to restaurants and even though there are plenty of good reviews, even the full 5 stars, I find them pretty so so, or poor-lacking in spice and pretty dull.  “But, it’s an ‘institution’, been here for years, the best in the area for this kind of food”  and so on.  Sorry, I’ll take a bit of Sriracha on my fries, in my beef/mushroom strudel…anything to as Emeril says..”kick it up a notch.”  I’m not saying so your mouth is on fire, but not so bland as when Granny used to cook the same old thing and did not have the variety of herbs and spices and international ingredients much more easily found.  Okay, maybe yours did and I don’t know, but I don’t remember my Granny cooking anything.  Boring boring boring.  Maybe I’m weird, but when I know I can cook or bake better than that restaurant, why go out?  Yes, to support the place, neighborhood, make people happy…but, sigh!

You wanna know what a mouthful of Milk Duds or Tootsie Roll give me?  A mouthful of JOY!!!!! It’s happy, so good…oops, sorry, drooling chocolate.  Why are there not more consistently great restaurants? I mean each time you go there, and don’t tell me that’s only chain restaurants, ’cause I can name only a few and yes! McD’s is on the list that is consistent.  The one that always comes to mind is The Cheesecake Factory.  Every time, a great huge-my bad-meal.  Maybe that’s good because I haven’t made it through all of the cheesecake offerings yet.  Pizza restaurants are also on the list.  We have tested several and have comeback to the same place each time.  Maybe it was our choice that made it not as good as the one we go back to, but when DH loves the pizza and eats it cold the next day, (no, he is not of the breakfast cold pizza fans) and pronounces it still good-we have a winner!  The crust holds up even in the middle where often it is on the gooey/soggy side, kinda ick and often not cooked enough crust.  So, tonight that’s what we’ll be having…good old favorite-around-the-corner-ready-when-you-pick-it-up-and-still-hot-when-you-get-it-home-pizza.

Those big’ns of mine seriously watch my face as they take me to a place they have been numerous times and find it really good and are anxious to show it off. I don’t always rave. I think they are often disappointed in my reaction.  Maybe I was tired, expecting more, mood, time of day or who knows what.  They’ve probably learned it from me, when they have reacted the same way in the same situation.  Maybe we take them there so many times hoping something will change  their outlook, but we enjoy the company and that hasn’t changed, just gotten better.  For now, I’ll just have to keep trying new places to dine, and find those gems that are there, somewhere out there and have a mouthful of WOW…and maybe share.

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