Positively Starting


Well, I opened the kitchen window to let in cool breezes and what to my wondering nose did I smell? Lilac! I love the smell of lilac.  There in bloom was our backdoor neighbor’s tree hanging into our postage stamp of a yard. Wonderful.  Sweet perfume.  While I am allergic to what seems like everything and anything, tissues becoming a staple for me, things seem to calm down when I smell nature like the aforesaid lilac.  A calming feeling.

We used to live on a lake, a much smaller one (small being relative to a Great Lake-everything is smaller), and I loved to look out first thing in the morning to see what the light was like.  It’s hard to describe, it’s an experience, as in what the light does with the water, through the trees, clouds and over the farm fields. I have tried to photograph some of the times when the light and play were interesting, but it just doesn’t quite capture things. And, within seconds, things change so fast.  Rain clouds over the lake or fields, “red sky at morning”, sun rays through the clouds and there are such images that I’ve seen, out one window over the lake, out the other over the farm fields.  Now I live in the city, where the light isn’t always so dramatic, but I watch as kids walk to school. One way and they’re high school students, going the other way and they’re elementary schoolers.  I see the day starting in a different place, same time but with the same awareness and different views.

Sunrise over the fields
Sunrise over the cornfield…11/20/2016

In the city, there’s more to watch. No, that’s not true, I should say different things to be aware of, and yet peacefully for me, the same. Birds still come to the feeder and squirrels still try and get to the feeder, I see people walking or biking kids to school with dogs in tow, I see more people movement here whereas I saw more nature movement there.  All in all, it’s a good way to start the day.


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