Give ME a Break!!

imagesWe all need a break from what we are doing around 2-3:00 pm.  It’s the time when I know I need a nap, a pick me up and by that I mean just a small bit of chocolate or caffeine, a walk…just something to get me through that infamous mid-afternoon slump and it’s still hours before dinner, kids almost home and my time to myself and the day is slipping by.  I think other nations have the right idea..siesta until 2 with shops closed and long easy lunch and a quick nap or whatever.  Teatime in the afternoon often is the quickie with a beverage and a bite.  No no, not pushing eating more, just a quiet mid-afternoon reflection and simplicity.


I come to this realization quite often as I get pretty languid and my back aches from standing doing things all day but today it hit me even more as I was at the supermarket between 2 and 3 pm.  The checkout clerk asked me the usual “paper or plastic” question Questioningly, I reminded her that I had just passed her my tote bags to which she had credited me.  Her response was a tired: “Oh! Yeah, that’s right-routine question.” Mind you this has happened before in this same store. Feeling she needed a break, I just smiled and kept unloading. It was when the bagger who in the past usually does a great job, I saw put heavy things-think bags of fruit on top of fairly delicate things like lettuce and other greens. Kinda lost it, by pulling things out and off to the side.  I did repack my bags after paying but before heading out to the car.

Sheesh!  If I’m tired, I am sure they must be too.  I should probably have smiled more, and wished I could have given them a break.  As I write this, I am noticing that this is my break, before I go back into the kitchen and turn on the oven to bake potatoes for dinner.  Sometimes the day just doesn’t feel long enough, or maybe I should move a little slower and pay attention, and try and smile at those that are stuck in their mundane job.

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