Comfort and Joy

Los Angeles 2015 036I love to be comfortable-doesn’t everyone? Well, comfort in one’s own skin is hard for me. I hear those old tapes in my head back when I was a kid and was parented, parents stay there for a long time perhaps forever, be it good or bad.  Today for some reason I’m “dressed up” ish to go to my volunteer job of making bouquets for home health nurses to give to their patients.  “Dressed up” to me means beyond sweats and yoga pants and T-shirts. It’s an effort, but today at least for a few hours, I look (really who cares but me?) and feel comfort and joy.

In the back of the closet, where warmer weather clothes are hung, are what I call “I Dream of Jeannie pants.”  No, no, I’m not dreaming of Jeannie whomever, it’s the harem pants she wore. These are elastic waist and some elastic on the hems.  They slide on and off easily, no pinch, no muffin top, pure comfort and not as snug on the leg and around the rear end as yoga pants.  Back in whatever day, there were wider leg ones known as Palazzo pants, and they seem to be making a come back. Hooray.  These are so comfy and great for travel, easy throughout the day and I’m smiling, no girth cinch.  On top is a pink blouse with tiny white dragon flies. It’s one of my favorites, and YEP!! I like pink and I look good in it. Modesty not withheld,  I find happiness and joy when I am comfortable.

PS:  I am taking an apron with me for working with flowers. It’s not a messy job really, but I am a messy worker. Some little something will mess up my look.  Precautions are needed =) to keep me up on my cloud.

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