Old Dog New Tricks

Well, this is certainly something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.  A blog.

Would someone really read what I have to say or write as the case may be? Will they get all the inflections I am trying to insert? Maybe I should just read this aloud so it will be thoroughly understood-all the words, advice what the hell am I trying to say-it’s all in my head with the proper inflections.  Yeah, yeah, kind of like talking to yourself but silently so you don’t actually look like you’re totally nuts. I read a lot of  the ‘pins’ on Pinterest about this blog set up stuff, how to do things, free and otherwise, getting sponsors to pay you, and why can’t I read continuously without some “commercial” popping up. OY!  I’ve read my kids’ blogs, other people’s blogs and what exactly was scaring me off?  Doing it!

So, I plunged: Youngest is visiting for Mother’s Day weekend and I finally asked her to help me set all of this in motion.  She sat in the “driver’s seat” and I watched fascinated while she did an excellent job pushing all the buttons to do what I might have been able to do (and maybe not), but I watched and here we are! Ta Da! (hand clapping ensues)  I’ll get better at “fancy” things the more I play with this whole thing.  Yeah, scary! Mind you, social media is great, kinda cool, but in some ways a little too familiar, but we go in baby steps and it feels pretty good so far.

When my mom was my age, maybe a little bit older, but it was possible to set up internet for her if nothing else than to type easily  (and she was fast!) and send a note to someone living far away.  My brother lives in Sweden and we thought it would be easy communication. OH NO! She said she was too old to learn. Frankly, we all thought that was just silly and kinda stupid as there was even instant messenger with AOL, but still and continued to refuse to learn.  30 years later, I still think so, but it was her loss and it’s okay.

I, Kathy, a Granny, a Mom (very cool and liking words a lot), a wife (who can sometimes figure out those hard crosswords that are handed over),  and all around person who likes knowing how things are made and put together is still learning the NEW (ish) stuff that is now the world we live in.  I can’t design computers like DH or code software like oldest kid o’mine, but I can get the hang of things if taught slowly and in my own time. I will not be left behind.





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